Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What is your favorite t v show ?

Hello world,
so today I have had to deal with a bunch of crazy calls, telemarketers.. and finally I invested in a telephone with caller id . After all I have been paying for it on my phone bill for the past 3 years and never had a caller id contraption. so if I so not know the number or name that shows up , I dont have to pick up the phone at all, and since I do not know the code for the voice mail I dont have to call them back lol I know I am nuts to pay for something I dont use, but it is cheaper to have all this crap on your phone than to just get a plain old ordinary line , go figure , its the truth and I finally broke down 3 weeks ago and got cable tv , omg so now i can watch all the mindless programs and movies ect, my kids are thrilled , I know we were probly the only people who had a antena and converter box . well that sucked and I had not watched tv for the past 3 yrs anyway. since my house burned to the grownd. so I guess we are keeping up with the jones family now, oh well it is only 20 dollars more as I got the att and t u verse thing, well to get to the point , duh what is your favorite t v show and can you recomend some really good shows for me to check out, I appreciate it and have a pink rainbow day
georgia and lucille


Linda V

My favorite show is True Blood - its a little raunchy about vampires and based on the Southern Vampire Mystery books. I don't know how to use my mobile phone properly so I completely understand.

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LOL! Wow I read the whole entry in one go! Life can be strange and funny!


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