Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What is your favorite t v show ?

Hello world,
so today I have had to deal with a bunch of crazy calls, telemarketers.. and finally I invested in a telephone with caller id . After all I have been paying for it on my phone bill for the past 3 years and never had a caller id contraption. so if I so not know the number or name that shows up , I dont have to pick up the phone at all, and since I do not know the code for the voice mail I dont have to call them back lol I know I am nuts to pay for something I dont use, but it is cheaper to have all this crap on your phone than to just get a plain old ordinary line , go figure , its the truth and I finally broke down 3 weeks ago and got cable tv , omg so now i can watch all the mindless programs and movies ect, my kids are thrilled , I know we were probly the only people who had a antena and converter box . well that sucked and I had not watched tv for the past 3 yrs anyway. since my house burned to the grownd. so I guess we are keeping up with the jones family now, oh well it is only 20 dollars more as I got the att and t u verse thing, well to get to the point , duh what is your favorite t v show and can you recomend some really good shows for me to check out, I appreciate it and have a pink rainbow day
georgia and lucille

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm a Survivor...

Hello world,
Today as I sit here at my desk pondering all the things I have to get done this week and making that giant todo list so I dont loose my mind, I recieved a email from a lady whom I watch her videos on you tube and she said that she admired my strength and that if I could survive all the stuff I have been through so could she. Well that totally blew me away as I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could make a difference in someones life, and I just thought about exactly what I have been through and that I am a survivor and will remain a survivor, I am woman hear me roar as I lay kicking and screaming on the floor , because my heart is broke or my body hates me , my kids are crazy, men are goofy and well what choice do I have fall apart and crumble or kick and scream for a minute and get back up and go on, for me it is a no brainer with all that I have been handed , there is no way i have ever layed down and did nothing, nor will I ever, life sucks sometimes but I am so hopefull of the future and know in my heart I can do anything I put my heart and mind and soul into and I have, and it has gotton me this far , so at 44 I am for the first time in my life, loving myself, and I am single and I like it. I can do anything I want and ladies and gentlemeen , so can you, dont ever let anyone tell you anything else , it may be hard for a minute but you can do anything you want to and anything that happens in your life is only put there to make you stronger and help you learn something , I am a survivor and you are too ;
have a beautiful pink rainbow day today
georgia and lucille , my sweet bulldog ...

Once a cheater ... always a cheater ... what do you think..

Once a cheater always a cheater ... what do you think about that statement. Well in my life I so believe it to be true. I have been married for 15 yrs to my third husband. To say the least I do believe that line, the husband did cheat on me in the marriage several times and all the times that he did I had always got this gut feeling deep inside that it was true and tried to blow it off and then It would always surface and I would take him back. So I had been ill almost the whole summer last year , and stuck in the hospital. The day that was to be the anniversary to the date that my house burned down I finally had finished going through the last of the rubble and was ready to deal with the feelings and put that part of my life behind me for good. I came into the house and sat down here at my desk, and lite up a smoke and noticed that roy boy was in the process of moving all the stuff out of our bedroom and said he was leaving , now I had questioned him several times in the past few days asking and trying to get some reassurance that he ws not having an affair and cheating on me and he swore with his evilness that he was not cheating on me , now not to get to personal, we had just had relations 3 days prior ... and he swore there was no one else ... I had that shitty feeling deep down in my stomach that it was a lie, and then low and behold I am brought to the light that he was cheating on me and with a beast from his past whom he himself said was a whore bag that used to have sex with all the band guys at flash gordons night club back in the day and that she was a drunk which if you know roy , he hates drunks with a passion, and so he is with her, I am very amazed and in a way I am glad , as the fucker is out of my life and I do not have to support him anymore and take his bullshit and most of all I do not have to deal with his drug habit which is smoking pot all day every day, the whore does that too and drinks , also come to find out she was also married to her first cousin, ... how sick is that one, oh and one more thing, my husband has a ten year old daughter with her and my son is 15 soooo do the math, yes he did that while we were married , so it sucks to be me... no way , I sent the bitch a thank you card .. damm straight , I am glad she hooked up with ass wipe , as It truly saved me from having to be the bad guy . so my advice to you ladies is this .. When you get that gut feeling that your man is stepping out on you , girl you know it is true , and get out of that marriage pdq and move on, it will save you alot of heartache and tears..
have a pink rainbow day
georgia and Lucille my englsih bulldog