Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I LOVE THIS DRESS ... Would it not be the perfect prom dress so pretty in pink and classy , gosh if these kind were around when I went to prom
it would have been so cute , but gosh when i went to prom i wore powder blue and it was like fluffy and i felt like a goonie lol and when i look back at the picks , i cringe , but at least i got to wear my dress a few times, I went to my prom with my boyfriend at the time and then a gay friend of mine wanted to go , so i went to his prom , and we had a blast, and then 2 guy friends that were joining the military did not have girlfriends wanted to go and so i was the the prom date and we did have a really fun time and went to cedar point the next day and then to a pic nic that was the best one i attended , we actually danced and laughed and had a fun time, i had 2 gaters lol one for each of them and when they did the gater dance they took them off with there teeth , what a hoot i made the john marshal yearbook with that , and oh the memories of 1983 , and what i wouldnt give to go back in time and just stay , i am so sad and miss the old days, my heart aches at the days that have gone by , way to fast , thanks for reading and have a pink rainbow day
luv Georgia


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Any New Years resolutions?

Yes to be happy for once

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Would you rather hang out with a small group of friends or a large group?

either is fine

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Ask your friends a question

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Saturday, April 9, 2011