Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jasifers Lions Club: GIVEAWAY nr. 1

Jasifers Lions Club: GIVEAWAY nr. 1: "Giveaway nr. 1, get the chance to win this beautifully glittery bold ring from Forever21 that I've picked out. It's a FITS ALL Butterfly ..."

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Freddie Mac Can Bite My Ass

Hello My wonderful followers, and Yes you are wonderful .. and I thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings, So on July 23,2010 I got a knock at my front door and it was the building commissioner from the city of glorious hick town usa saying that my house was being condemmed oh yes condemmed... and you gotta get your ass out now... The reason, well I hope you will be sitting down as , this house was practically brand new as it burned down 2 years ago and was rebuilt by mickey mouse and goofy, yes they rebuilt it half ass as most contractors do these days and you have no control over it as you are sitting in a hotel room and waiting at there mercy to rebuild your house, well, they said that since freddie mac failed to do a inspection on the house (which i did not know had to be done at all, and if i did would have been on it a long time ago)Our house went into forclosure and despite all my efforts to save it going through the freddie mac programs ( the people kept sending information to the wrong address, and I did give the correct one ) it came down to we were going to rent our own house.. When this condem thing went on I was mortafied the bitch who came out was sarcastic , and spoke very cruel to my youngest son who , is one of the sweetest little boys , and she made him cry, with her words of condeming the house and saying she was going to call the childrens services hot line and he would have no home, so I sent him with my ex to be and waited for the 2nd ex husband to get home as we had until 5pm to vacate or be arrested and thrown in jail. There is nothing really wrong with the house except that there needed to be a inspection as it was now cdonsidered a rental .. so needless to say i have wanted to move for a long time any way and leave that house with all its bad karma and bullshit anyway , we proceded to just look for some where else and it is hard to explain and I am working on it but , freddie mac was to set up programs to help people keep there houses with our economy the way it is, and to me it seems like they dont want to give the programs that obama has set in place as they are loosing money and so the dick people around till they just say forget it and move on, and basically they say bend over and take the big baloney poney right up your dupa.... I will make a video on my you tube as soon as I get stuff put away here , since i am sitting among a box audience and they need to go ... ya know , but freddie mac is a crock of shit and they do not want to help people stay in there houses as freddie mac looses money doing obama's programs example sending the paper work to wrong addresses and not returning calls , trust me I have been on top of this for over 3 years now and could tell you some really interesting stories about there process of trying to help the people save there home.. I am much happier moved now , but did not really want to do it in 3 days ... yep 3 days and it sucked a royal but.. have a pink rainbow day and thanks so much for reading
georgia and Lucy The english bulldog from Heaven ( cuz i love her to pieces)