Friday, January 30, 2009

Cupid~The Easter Bunny~Tooth Fairy and LIL o ME

How old were you when you stopped believing in the tooth fairy ? Well I was sure up till 11 that the tooth fairy was real and then being kind blown away when my good o mom told me now Georgia, you have got to be kidding me ... there is no damn tooth fairy, I was completely shattered to hear that with my ears. So I grew up and had my own kids, even at 15 , 17 and newly 14 yr old, I told them oh yes there is a tooth fairy and if they don't believe there would be no money under that pillow, So if you don't believe your nose will fall off, I guess they are humoring me when they tell me oh yeah mom I believe in the tooth fairy, cuz you told me too.
So I pose this question to you How many of you still believe in the Tooth Fairy ? and how old were you when you ceased believing in the Tooth Fairy..
have a great fantastic Day today


!!The Obnoxious SAHM!!

hey! welcome to MBC. :) I dread spilling the beans and telling the kids the truth.

good post!

Veronica Lee

Hi, I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog!

Makeup Attic

I am latina and we didn't receive squat for our lost teeth, so I didn't have a tooth fairy. I was just happy to know a new tooth would come in eventually... now tell me there will be no teeth coming in and that would have freaked me out lol


I was atleast nine or ten but it's not as bad as being told Santa doesn't exist...on Christmas Day!! Yes, I know...Terrible isn't it? I love your blog. I'm also a Marilyn fan :D

Michael St. James

I was at least 10 and I didn't mind! I think I found out from classmates? Lovely blog!

Heavenly Naturals Pure Mineral Makeup

I still believe in fairies! And mermaids and unicorns, I don't think I will ever stop believing :)

Pink Little Cake

Hi, no tooth fairy for me, I did hope she would showed up one day. Thank you for stopping by my little blog. I love your honest profile.